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November 22, 2005

More Prosecutions for Leaking Secrets

Via Kos

Turns out, according to a memo leaded to Britain's Daily Mirror, Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera in friendly Qatar, and was only stopped by Tony Blair recognizing it would have created a global backlash.

Aside from the content, the story here is that no doubt far more scandals are being hidden behind secrecy laws, since the British civil servant who leaked this information may be going to jail:

The memo, which also included details of troop deployments, turned up in May last year at the Northampton constituency office of then Labour MP Tony Clarke.

Cabinet Office civil servant David Keogh, 49, is accused under the Official Secrets Act of passing it to Leo O'Connor, 42, who used to work for Mr Clarke. Both are bailed to appear at Bow Street court next week.

"Offical Secrets Act" are the prime mechanism used by governments to cover up malfeasance under the rubric of "national security." And that includes the secrecy of CIA agents.

Posted by Nathan at November 22, 2005 01:24 PM