Definitions for Budget Simulation

Defense-related activities: FBI investigations and other defense related activities.

Income security for veterans: Veterans pensions and disability compensation, Veterans disability compensation, Veterans pensions, Veterans and military insurance, Veterans burial benefits.

Veterans education, training, and rehabilitation:: Education administration, Veterans employment and training, Education benefits (Montgomery GI Bill and other programs), Vocational rehabilitation and employment, and other training benefits.

International development and humanitarian assistance: Development assistance, child survival, and disease programs, Food aid, Refugee programs, Millennium challenge corporation, Global HIV/AIDS initiative, International disaster and famine assistance, Multilateral development banks (MDB's), Assistance for the independent states of the former Soviet Union, Peace Corps, International narcotics control and law enforcement, USAID operations, Voluntary contributions to international organizations, Other development and humanitarian assistance

International military assistance: Andean counter-drug initiative, Foreign military financing grants and loans, Economic support fund, Nonproliferation, antiterrorism, demining, and related programs, Other security assistance, Foreign military loan liquidating account

Conduct of Foreign Affairs: State Department operations, Embassy security, construction, and maintenance, Assessed contributions to international organizations, Assessed contributions for international peacekeeping, International financial programs, other conduct of foreign affairs.

Foreign information and exchange activities: International broadcasting, Russian Leadership Development Center trust fund, Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, Other information and exchange activities.

Energy Supply: Research and development, Tennessee Valley Authority, Naval petroleum reserves, Federal power marketing, , Uranium enrichment decontamination, Decontamination transfer, Nuclear waste program, Rural electric and telephone liquidating accounts, Non-defense environmental management and other

Energy information, preparedness, & regulation Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission fees and recoveries, Department of Energy departmental management, OIG, EIA administration.

Water resources: Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, Watershed, flood prevention, and other.

Conservation and land management: Forest Service, Management of public lands (BLM), Conservation of agricultural lands, Fish and Wildlife Service, Other conservation and land management programs.

Pollution control and abatement: Regulatory, enforcement, and, research programs, Hazardous substance superfund, State and tribal assistance grants, Other control and abatement activities.

Other natural resources: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other natural resource program activities.

Housing loan programs: Receipts from loan repayments on government housing programs (can?t change).

Universal service fund: Subsidies for telecommunications services for low-income and rural individuals, libraries, and schools.

Other advancement of commerce: Small and minority business assistance, Science and technology, Economic and demographic statistics, Regulatory agencies, International Trade Administration, Patent and trademark salaries and expenses, Payments to copyright owners, Spectrum auction subsidy, SBA business loan program and subsidy reestimate. Community Development: Community development fund, Community development financial institutions, Brownfields redevelopment, and other community development programs.

Area and Regional Development: Rural development, Economic Development Administration, Indian programs, Appalachian Regional Commission, Denali Commission, Delta Regional Authority

Disaster relief and insurance: Disaster relief, Small Business Administration disaster loans, National flood insurance fund, Grants for homeland security and other preparedness, and oher disaster assistance programs.

Research and general education : Library of Congress, Public broadcasting, Smithsonian institution and related agencies, Education research, statistics, and assessment, and other general education.

Training and employment: Training and employment services, Older Americans employment, State employment services and national activities, Trade adjustment assistance, training, Other employment and training.

Disease control, public health and bioterrorism: Disease control, research, and training, Public health preparedness (DHS), Biodefense countermeasures acquisition.

Food safety and occupational health and safety: Food safety and inspection, Occupational and mine safety and health, Food and Drug Administration, Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Other health care services: Departmental management, Health care tax credit, UMWA Funds (coal miner retiree health), State grants and demonstrations, Health Resources and Services Administration, and other health services activities.

General retirement and disability insurance Railroad retirement, Special benefits for disabled coal,miners, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Other.

Housing Assistance: Section 8 rental assistance, Public housing operating fund, Public housing capital fund, Homeless assistance, Other HUD programs, Rural housing assistance.

Other nutrition programs: Special supplemental food program for women, infants, and children (WIC), State child nutrition programs, Funds for strengthening markets, income, and supply (Sec.32), Other nutrition programs.

Other aid to low-income families: Refugee assistance, Low income home energy assistance, and other assistance.

Social and family services: Children and families services programs, Rehabilitation services, Corporation for National and Community Service?AmeriCorps, Corporation for National and Community Service?Senior Corps, Aging services program, Social services block grant, Rehabilitation services, Promoting safe and stable families, Children and families services, Other social services. Federal law enforcement: Criminal investigations (DEA, FBI, DHS, FinCEN, ICDE), Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives investigations (ATF), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Tax law, criminal investigations (IRS), United States Secret Service, Treasury forfeiture fund, Other law enforcement activities.

Federal litigation and judicial activities: Civil and criminal prosecution and representation, Representation of indigents in civil cases, Federal judicial and other litigative activities, Federal forfeiture fund, Federal judicial officers salaries and expenses and other mandatory programs.

Criminal justice assistance: High-intensity drug trafficking areas program, Law enforcement assistance, community policing, and other justice programs, Crime victims fund, Crime victims fund, Public safety officers' benefits.

Other general government: Payments and loans to the District of Columbia, Payments to States and counties from Federal land management activities, Workers compensation programs, Payments to States and counties, Tax revenues for Puerto Rico (Treasury), Election assistance commission, Territories, Treasury claims, Other general purpose fiscal assistance.

2001 and 2003 tax cuts: Cut tax rates, expanded child tax credits, cut taxes for married couples, reduced taxes on dividends and capital gains.

Step-up basis of capital gains at death: Heirs need not pay accumulated untaxed capital gains on inherited assets. Standard Deduction Offset: Taxpayers who itemize their deductions do not qualify for the standard deduction, so this offset value (which cannot be changed in this simulation) adjusts for that increased revenue. As itemized deductions are reduced to zero, this offset will disappear.