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See profile of Net Loss at Penn State Press.

See original version, Net Loss: The Political Economy of Community in the Age of the Internet- Ph.D. Dissertation in Sociology from UC-Berkeley 1998

Is Labor Missing the Internet Third Wave?- WorkingUSA (June 2005)

Trade Secrets and Collective Bargaining: A Solution to Resolving Tensions in the Economics of Innovation- Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal (2002)

Database Protection: Rewarding Sweat or Destroying Fair Use- Background paper for Yale Law Private Censorship/Perfect Choice conference (April 1999).

The Great Internet Tax Drain from MIT Technology Review(May/June 1996)

Prop 13 Meets the Internet: How State And Local Government Finances Are Becoming Road Kill On The Information Superhighway- Report by the Center for Community Economic Research at University of California, Berkeley (August 1995)

Popular Writing

NetAction Microsoft Campaign

  • The Origins and Future of Open Source Software(1999) - A NetAction white paper on open source software
  • Browser Update: One Year Later(5/98)
  • The Future of E-Commerce(3/98)
    Microsoft's Threat to the Online Financial Marketplace
  • From Microsoft Word to Microsoft World(11/97) NetAction's White Paper examines Microsoft's global strategy

    Micro$oft Monitor- NetAction newsletter articles on Microsoft campaign: selected issues below