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December 03, 2002

Bush the Liar

Just a flashback to an article in 2000 when Bush was courting the Muslim community. As this story details, Bush gained the endorsement of the umbrella American Muslim Political Coordinating Council Political Action Committee (AMPCC-PAC) by making significant promises to that communtiy:

In several surveys of Muslim voters, the majority said they would vote for Bush. "Governor Bush took the initiative to meet with local and national representatives of the Muslim community. He also promised to address Muslim concerns on domestic and foreign policy issues," said AMPCC-PAC head Agha Saeed. The Muslim leaders also noted that Bush challenged the use of "secret evidence" at the second presidential debate.
Of course, rather than support the Secret Evidence Repeal Act as promised, Bush has accellerated racial profiling, detentions without trial, and refusing even to disclose the names of those arrested in his eerie rendition of 1984.

Whether on promises "to leave no child behind" or to the muslim community, Bush lied and lied in his campaign for President. A simple talking point for the left; Bush is a liar.

Posted by Nathan at December 3, 2002 09:09 AM

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