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December 05, 2002

This Reinvented Gore is the Real One

Gore has a problem reinventing himself. He's done it too many times, too stiffly, too opportunistically.

So how do you convince the public that this time's it's the real thing?

How about publishing arty pictures verging on child porn? Or promoting a "pro-family" book with pictures of same-sex partners?

As this American Prospect article emphasizes, Gore's new "family" books are far more interesting and wild than expected. And no normal political consultant would have let them out of the proof stage.

Now, this could be the highest level of opportunistic cynicism on Gore's part, since he is so robotic and square that he is more invulnerable to the political costs of associating with risque art than almost anyone else. But if so, it shows a brilliance in sending the message of independence that even cynics have to respect, in the way stunt drivers may actually have safety equipment, but no one else would do it.

Maybe it's the contrarian in me, but I'm liking Gore more and more as the press and DNC establishment beats up on him. When he first ran for office in 1988, I was most pissed off at him because I could tell he was more progressive than his conservative rhetoric.

If Gore is willing to actually say and campaign on the things I've often thought he believed, I am shocked to find myself thinking I may follow him into 2004.

Posted by Nathan at December 5, 2002 02:56 PM

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