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December 10, 2002

Wow- Gore Even Better in New CNN Clip

Yesterday's CNN interview with Gore edited out part of the interview that was far harsher to Trent Lott than the clip that was shown. (Which again begs the question of the "liberal media" refusing to show tough criticism of Lott). Only with today's explosion of protest by the Congressional Black Caucus and by Nancy Pelosi did CNN show the previously edited out clip.

Here is what Gore said when asked whether Lott's comments were "innocent":

I don't buy that at all and I would say that for African Americans to hear somone in a position of leadership say that this country would not have the problems we have now if we had only voted to stay with segregation-- I think that is insulting to what this country is all about.

The Majority Leader, someone who after all has been in controversies in the past for talking and praising the work of the White Citizens Council -- or rather its's successor-- what are they called, I can't remember their name, they used to be called the White Citizens Council.

For him to say that this nation has a lot of problems today that stem from not electing a segregationist as President of the United States-- this is 2002. Does he want to be the Haider of the United States, appealing to the racist sentiments that lie just beneath the surface? I think it's outrageous. This man is in a position of leadership. He is the person in charge of sheparding the confirmation process of the Supreme Court Justices who interpret whether or not we have a commitment to be one nation under law where all of us are equal regardless of race, whether we are one country or not.

Fucking A! At this point Kerry or Dean or Edwards will have to do something pretty damn dramatic to pull my support. That they have sat on the sidelines as this controversy has unfolded says volumes about their potential leadership, or lack thereof. Any politician who can not deal with racism straight on won't get my vote. Period.

Gore is leading. That's what the Democrats need.

And BTW, Gore had a damn good and funny appearance on Jon Stewart last night. And everyone knows that appearing on the Daily Show is an easy way into my heart. Stewart practically sobbed on Gore's shoulder bemoaning the fact that Gore was not in the White House.

Note also- Landrieu appearing on CNN sure got the message of her election- she declared the black community the "soul of the Democratic Party" and thanked them profusely. She spoke proudly of her high NAACP rating-- "one of the highest in the Senate" in her words.

And on Lott's statements, she said:

It was a very hurtful statement, it was a very wrong statement. And while I think his apology should be accepted, what is more important is that his actions should speak more than his words. If he'll fight for fair housing, for an increase in the minimum wage, to give poor people, African-Americans, Hispanics, all people, who want the same thing, an opportunity. And we need to be uplifting and respectful of all people in this country, not disrespectful. So I hope his actions will followup his apology.
A good point by Landrieu and a strategy, which is to link any of Trent Lott's legislative actions in the future back to this statement. Any legislative assault on civil rights or on the poor should be declared to reveal that his apology was a lie.

Senator Trent Lott posed with officials of the pro-white Council of Conservative Citizens in 1997. From left, William D. Lord, state coordinator; Mr. Lott; Tom Dover, president, and Gordon L. Baum, executive officer. See here for more on Lott's connections to the racist CCC.

Update: Some more statements by Lott:

"The people in this room stand for the right principles and the right philosophy."
-- Speaking to a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens

"The spirit of Jefferson Davis lives in the 1984 Republican Platform."
-- Speaking to the Convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Biloxi, Mississippi, 1984

"I think that a lot of the fundamental principles that Jefferson Davis believed in are very important to people across the country, and they apply to the Republican Party."
-- interview in racist Southern Partisan magazine

"You know, if we had elected this man 30 years ago, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today."
-- Speaking after a fiery speech by Mr. Thurmond at a campaign rally in Mississippi for Ronald Reagan in November 1980

BTW Thanks to Tom Maguire for his indepth awareness of Austrian fascism.

Posted by Nathan at December 10, 2002 06:18 PM

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My future as a fact checker at CNN: Third paragraph of the Gore quote, we have this:

Does he want to be the Hider? of the United States, appealing to the racist sentiments that lie just beneath the surface?

C'mon! That's "Haider", the Austrian far right leader. Le Pen would have been instantly recognized.

Posted by: Tom Maguire at December 11, 2002 09:22 AM

Wow, that last one is especially striking. That it's just about verbatim what he said at Strom's birthday suggests a line that's been used quite a bit over the years...

Posted by: JW Mason at December 11, 2002 11:23 AM

I'm glad to see Gore finally getting the credit he deserves. He was first to call for Bush's economic team to resign (July 2002), first to speak out against a unilateral, pre-emptive war in Iraq (San Francisco in September) and the first to call Lott's remarks comments racist (at least as early as Sunday morning). Too many people still have an altogether unrealistic view of Gore because of the bizarre "mainstream" news coverage he received in campaign 2000. See generally dailyhowler.com for details.

Posted by: Steve Robinson at December 12, 2002 01:02 PM

What will we see in 2004? Evidently not Al Gore..

Posted by: Grant at December 15, 2002 04:59 PM

What will we see in 2004? Evidently not Al Gore..

Posted by: Grant at December 15, 2002 04:59 PM

Don't be too sure about Gore in 2004. He still is the 800 pound gorilla. He will continue to influence the campaign as he issues his policy statements in January 2003 at the same time the Draft Gore 2004 campaign begins in earnest.

Posted by: Steve Robinson at December 24, 2002 11:46 PM

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