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December 12, 2002

My Scariest Referral Link

I've been very excited about all the links to this site due to postings on Trent Lott, but getting on the radar of the neoNazi Church of the Creator gives me the chills.

Just a reminder of the folks who are defending Trent Lott, here is another post by the same Trent-defender who linked to me with his view of Hitler:

In the study of the whole historical movement of the White Race struggling to free itself from under the heel of Jewish tyranny, the name of Adolf Hitler shines forth as the brightest meteor to flash through the heavens since the beginning of history. No doubt the White Race will produce even greater men in the future, but it is my considered opinion that Adolf Hitler stands head and shoulders above any other man as the greatest leader the White Race has ever produced, and as the greatest White Man that ever lived.
Is it unfair to tar Trent Lott with these kind of supporters?

Just take a quick trip down memory lane to those who were trying to tar Nancy Pelosi as a Stalinist socialist just a few weeks ago.

Trent Lott is on record repeatedly praising Jefferson Davis, who is the American equivalent of Hitler in leading the fight for white supremacy. Trent has earned the adulation of Nazis and racists in this country.

And btw-- why is Trent being denounced for praising Thurmond, but his repeated history of praising Jefferson Davis is given a pass? Maybe because too many other southern politicians share the same racist defense of that icon of defense of slavery. A reminder that Trent is not some anomolous figure but representative of the deep racism that pervades a whole sector of conservative politics.

Posted by Nathan at December 12, 2002 11:53 AM

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