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December 20, 2002

Frist's Rightwing Voting Record

With the announcement that Bill Frist's challenge to Lott is gaining momentum, it's worth looking at Frist's record. And it's not pretty. Across the board, Frist is a hard-line rightwinger, voting against labor rights, civil rights, women's rights and the environment at almost every opportunity.

Here is a sample of his voting record:


League of Conservation Voters 107th - 0% 106th - 0% 105th - 27%
  • Voted for drilling in ANWR, against renewable energy, against increased fuel standards for cars (2002)
  • Voted for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, for oil and gas drilling in national monuments and to give the President unilateral power to block agriculture-related environmental regulation (2001)
  • Voted to subsidize corporate timber cutting in Tongass forests, to allow unlimited mine waste by corporations on public leases, supported cut-rate pricing for oil leases on public land, and voting to exempt all coal mining operations from the Clean Water Act. (1999-2000)


    AFL-CIO Rating Lifetime rating- 3% (2 pro-labor votes out of 64 votes measured since first election in 1995)
  • Voted against workplace ergonomic standards, for school vouchers, against a real patient bill of rights, against prescription drug benefits for all seniors, to restrict the free speech of unions versus other groups on firm premises, against giving collective bargaining rights to police and firemen nationally, for Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy. (2001)
  • Voted against refugee status for Central America refugees, for permanent normalized trade status for China without human rights review, for massive cuts in National Labor relations Board funding, to weaken wage standards for federal construction projects, and against minimum wage legislation. (1999-2000)

    Civil Rights

    NAACP Rating 15% (2002)
  • Voted against sanctions for predatory lending abuses, against a series of NAACP-supported education amendments, against technology centers for poor and minority communities, against expanding higher education grants, to override Home Rule decisions by the District of Columbia, against restoring the right to vote to ex-felons, to decrease voting registration through purging voter rolls, and against increased global AIDS funding. (107th Congress)

    National Hispanic Leadership Conference
    18% (2001) 25% (2000) 0% (1999)

  • Voted against bilingual education and a series of supported education funding amendments, against minimum wage increases, against confirming a latino Court of Appeals judge, against federal hate crimes legislation, against legalization of various groups of latino immigrants, and against strong community reinvestment requirements for banks.

    Leadership Conference for Civil Rights
    0% (2001) 43% (2000) 11% (1999)

  • Voted against predatory lending protections, against community technology centers, to block alternative voting verification methods, against hate crimes legislation, against confirming a Missouri black judge for the Court of Appeals, and for harsh criminal measures against juveniles.


    National Abortion Rights Action League 0% (2001) 20% (2000) 0% (1999) National Right to Life Committee 100% (2001) 100% (2000) 100% (1999)

    See a range of other ratings for Frist at Project Vote Smart

    Following the Money: As for where Frist's money comes from-- having heavily self-financed his own election back in 1994, his reelection in 2000 was heavily indebted to the corporate medical industry. See Open Secrets for his industry support.

    In fact, Frist in 2000 was a top recipient (#1 to #4 among Senators) from
    $260,373 Pharmaceutical/Health Products (#2)
    $75,707 Pharmaceutical manufacturing (#3)
    $825,504 Health Professionals (#3)
    $267,075 Hospitals/Nursing Homes (#4)
    $32,250 Medical supplies manufacturing & sales (#1)

    See the post on Frist and the endemic medical fraud in his family's medical mega-corporation.

    Posted by Nathan at December 20, 2002 02:36 AM

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