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December 23, 2002

Maybe McCain is Lurching Left

I've been skeptical (see here) of the whole McCain-turning-Democrat scenario and that's still unlikely, but this interview with the NY Times Magazine is somewhat remarkable in its blunt criticism of both Bush and conservative GOP dogmas. Samples:

  • "On the economy I would give [Bush] a lower grade, probably a C."
  • On alternative energy: "It's an issue of leadership. I think the American people need to be informed by our president that if we are really ever going to have the degree of independence that we should have, it requires a reduction of our dependence on imported oil. That means certain sacrifices must be made by the American people."
  • "Recognize that climate change is real and start developing concrete policies to address it. The Glacier National Park with no more glaciers. Remarkable. "
  • "I believe that low-income Americans in totality bear a much higher tax burden than wealthy Americans do, therefore there is a growing gap between the wealthiest and poorest Americans. At least the tax burden should be equitable. "
  • "We probably need to have tax cuts directed at lower-income Americans, such as payroll-tax reductions, but I also think that as long as there continues to be corporate corruption, investor confidence will not be restored and the economy will not be restored. I think we need to put some people in jail."

    None of this changes his basic pro-capitalism policies, but he may be becoming more of an honest free market type a la Jack Kemp in recognizing that you need significant reform of the US system to even move from corporate corruption to liberal capitalism. So in a Republican party in thrall to the pharmaceutical and oil companies, that does make him a raging liberal.

    Posted by Nathan at December 23, 2002 05:59 AM

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