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April 06, 2004

A New Target for the WingNuts

Ah-- I'm honored. After going after Kos, the wingnuts have decided I'm the next worthy target for their hate. See Little Green Footballs.

In my Four Mercenaries Killed in Iraq post, I added this welcome for them:

The nice folks at Little Green Footballs are filling my mailbox with expletives. Their kind of hateful fascism is basically the same as the pro-Saddam ANSWER fringe in the antiwar movement; there "hate muslim" views are the same as the "hate America" views of the WWP/ANSWER types. For them, a death of an Iraqi child is worthless compared to the death of an American.

I spent a lot of the runup to the war critiquing the hateful antiwar fringe types-- see here and here and I blamed their hostility to the US for weaknesses in the antiwar movement.

But the hate spewing from the warhawk Right reminds me why a bunch of decent progressive folks end up lining up with the ANSWER types-- the LGF types embody the stereotype of hateful Americans that lead to hate of the US around the world. LGF folks are the real source of terrorism, the reason Americans aren't safe around the world. The terrorists individually are evil bastards, but the only reason they have so many people willing to hide them and protect them is because of the arrogance and hate spewed by the rightwing fringe of America.

Thanks to the LGF nuts for helping breed murder of our soldiers and our friends and family here in New York.

Update: What wimps! After sending his rightwing hounds to post obscenities on my site, Little Green Footballs has disabled links from my site to his (a neat tech trick I admit).

But talk about being able to dish it out, but not being able to take it!

Posted by Nathan at April 6, 2004 09:23 AM