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February 07, 2005

The Corporate Embrace of the GOP

Sam Rosenfeld at TAPPED speaks with alarm of the increasing coordination of lobbying by the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups with the GOP agenda. Unlike a generation ago when business concentrated on narrow tax or regulatory measures, business is following the GOP's directions on broader issues of interest to the general business community.

Sam argues that "Nothing poses a more profound obstacle to a Democratic revival than this."

I disagree. In many ways, it is wonderful that the Democrats are being divorced by the corporate types, since it means that DLC-types don't have corporate cash to dangle before legislators to encourage them to sell out working families.

As Democrats increasingly are forced to depend only on individual donations and labor support for their electoral work, they will hopefully better articulate policies that appeal directly to working and middle class interests, without looking over their shoulder as in the past at what the corporate paymasters might say at election time.

As for K Street, let the GOP keep it. If anything, progressives should just be making a larger thing of the corrupt alliance between Big Business and Big Conservative Government.

Posted by Nathan at February 7, 2005 09:33 AM