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February 18, 2005

Bush Policies Destroying US Economy

No, not the conclusion of a leftwing outfit, but the basic message of a new report by the American Electrionics Association. The US is losing its technological lead, the report concludes, because public policy is undermining the US's historic advantages. While Bush is not attacked directly, his policies sure are. A few points headlined in the report:

  • "The Internet, MRI, the mouse, and GPS - to name a few - were born from federally sponsored research...Unfortunately, R&D funding has declined.
  • Immigration policy post 9/11 has deterred foreign nationals from coming to the United States to study or work. They are choosing to go elsewhere and we lose when this happens. Last year, foreign applications to American graduate engineering programs plummeted 36 percent. One out of five scientists and engineers in the United States are foreign born.

    Slashing funding for technology and anti-immigrant policies are just two more incredibly self-destructive policies adopted by the Bush administration.

    Posted by Nathan at February 18, 2005 09:21 AM