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September 02, 2005

"We Don't Have the Manpower"

From the New York Daily News:

Daily News photographer Mike Appleton and I heard there was a riot under way at the convention center and headed over there.

As we walked past the Windsor Court hotel, we were stopped by a female state trooper. "Y'all came over here without guns? Don't go there. Don't go there unless you have a machine gun around your neck. We pulled our troops out because the civilians have taken over. We don't have the manpower to deal with them," she said.

Why isn't there enough manpower on the ground? The answer is obvious that we have been more concerned about policing chaos that Hurricaine Bush created in Iraq than making sure there was adequate manpower availabe in the US in case of emergency.

Read the rest of the story and you'll understand why murder and chaos has broken out in New Orleans. You have undermanned troops randomly dropping food in a way that invites free-for-alls to claim it: Unbelievable.

Oh yeah-- and the rightwing degenerates at FreeRepublic are reacting in typical manner to the story:

NO has become Little Somalia!

New Orleans was about the closest thing we had to a third world city in this country.

The solution to the current situation in NOLA is simply to withdraw all forces to safe havens and let nature take its course.

NEVER rebuild this place. It is a blight...a hellhole created by the welfare state.

I will not spend one cent to rebuild that wretched hive of scum and villainy!

The Freepers are desperately trying to blame the people of New Orleans for their own suffering, since they need to excuse Bush's incompetence and failures. Watch for this to be repeated over and over again in coming weeks, maybe with more politeness, but the rhetoric will be there.

Posted by Nathan at September 2, 2005 08:38 AM