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September 09, 2005

It's Politics Now: Give to These Groups -- Not the Red Cross

With tens of billions now flowing from the government towards Bush's business cronies for supposed reconstruction of the Gulf Coast-- stripped of any requirement to pay people decent wages -- progressives have to stop treating all this as humanitarian relief and recognize it's now about political control of the money.

The Bush administration sure recognizes that.

And the only people who will have the moral power to fight the corporate looting of reconstruction money are going to be well-established organizations on the group, able to mobilize poor families there as well.

I've written that a good place to start is ACORN, nationally based in New Orleans, which is mobilizing poor families to demand fair treatment and decent wages in the aftermath.

Here are some other recommended groups:

Community Labor United (donate here)
Mississippi Workers Center (general political support here)
Southern Empowerment Project (links to a range of worthy local groups)
Project South

We need to get money into the hands of ORGANIZERS, who will have to fight tooth-and-nail against the mercenary contractors and incompetent administrators seeking to divert reconstruction funds away from the real victims. The real plans of the administration are no doubt taking shape, but you can bet that it will be a program to reward their friends and punish their political enemies.

So we need to help progressive advocates among the poor to stand up and FIGHT!!!

It's nice to have national voices criticizing Bush, but it is the victims, organized strategically, who will have the leverage to challenge decisions locally. As Cindy Sheehan showed with the war, one person personally effected by tragedy has 100 times the authority to speak on public issues.

So give as generously to the folks making sure the billions being sent will be spent fairly as you did to direct relief efforts.

Posted by Nathan at September 9, 2005 09:17 AM