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September 14, 2005

My Vote May Count

Freddy Ferrer received 39.95% of the vote in the Democratic primary yesterday for NYC mayor, a heartbreakingly 0.05% short of the 40% he needed to avoid a runoff. But some provisional ballot are still to be counted, including my own. For some reason, they had me listed at my address and in the proper precinct, but didn't have a copy of my signature on file, so I had to fill out one of those paper ballots. I voted for Ferrer, and I would bet that a disproportionately higher percentage of Ferrer's supporters had either recently moved or had other issues that kicked them to provisional ballots. So it seems within reason that Ferrer may pull it off and have a chance to start campaigning directly against Bloomberg right away. Because if he has to waste another few weeks in a runoff, whatever slim chance he might have had probably disappears.

Posted by Nathan at September 14, 2005 07:25 AM