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September 22, 2005

Bad White Blogger Politics

Both Chris Bowers and Atrios are jumping in to help fund Congresswoman Louise Slaughter against a possible primary challenge from Buffalo City Councilmember Antoine Thompson.

Louise Slaughter is a good progressive, but is it smart blogger politics for a bunch of white bloggers to use MONEY to try to slap down a black Democratic challenger? It's not like Thompson is some kind of black conservative-- he sponsored a Buffalo City resolution against the Iraq War in 2003.

Maybe Slaughter is better, but shouldn't that decision be left to local primary voters? Should white bloggers -- did I mention the REALLY BAD racial dynamics of that very salient fact -- become incumbent protection against black challengers?

If I was in the district, I might very well support Slaughter, but the netroots, whatever it's value, is still way too white to be used to reinforce the power of white Democrats who often owe their seniority to the racism that denied blacks a share of political power a generation ago.

To say that young black challengers should "wait their turn" is to ignore the reality of past racism that made them "wait their turn" for two hundred years of American history.

Posted by Nathan at September 22, 2005 10:52 AM