National Budget Simulation

Use the pop-up menus to increase or decrease as many of the budget items as you'd like. When you're finished, click the button at the end of the document.


  Military Spending
  Iraq War and Afghanistan Operations
  Veterans and Retired Military Pensions and Health
  International Affairs
  General Science, Space, and Technology
  Non-Defense Energy Spending
  Natural Resources and Environment
  Community and regional development
  Training, Labor and Unemployment Programs
  Non-Medicare Health Spending
  Civilian Retirement (Social Security excluded)
  Aid to Low-Income Families
  General Family Support
  Social Security
  Commerce and Housing Loan Programs

  Administration of Justice
  General Government Administration
  Net Interest
  Undistributed offsetting receipts

2001 & 2003 Tax Cuts

  2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts

Tax Expenditures

  Corporate Tax Breaks
  Personal Business & Investment Tax Benefits
  Pension and Retirement Tax Benefits
  Health Care Tax Benefits
  Housing Tax Benefits
  Other Personal Tax Deductions and Exemptions

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