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May 19, 2002

Labor-Latino power in California

This story The Sacramento Bee -- From farm laborer to potentate in Capitol highlights the key story of California politics in the last decade, not just the rise of latino power, but the convergence of new labor activism and the aspirations of new immigrant workers for a better life in creating a new progresssive politics in the state. Back in 1994, during the Prop 187 fight, Jack Kemp defied fellow Republicans in opposing the anti-immigrant proposition, arguing that it could be a fatal mistake for the GOP, on the order of the lost votes the party had from shunning early white ethnic immigrants and failing to fully support civil rights for blacks. As those new immigrants have found an energized labor movement ready to welcome them, this is creating a political alliance and machine in the state and increasingly across the country that will likely endure for many decades. Hopefully, Kemp was right on how fatal the Prop 187 campaign was for the GOP.

Posted by Nathan at May 19, 2002 04:18 PM


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