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June 23, 2002

GOP Plays Race Card

The GOP whines about racial politics but they consistently "use the race card" with their public spokespeople. The irony is that the GOP promotes the worst versions of affirmative action, promoting people with little experience for top jobs purely because of their skin color. Clarence Thomas was a classic example, not even the most qualified of GOP black judges, but just the youngest and most rightwing.
...Similarly, the GOP is race-baiting the Dems over not confirming Miguel Estrada, a conservative latino lawyer with remarkably little legal experience. But the GOP is already complaining that the Dems don't want him on the Supreme Court-- and this a guy with no significant legal writing to his name or substantive legal accomplishments.
...There is a remarkably hypocrisy in the GOP relentlessly attacking affirmative action for ordinary people of color, while so promiscuously promoting it amongst their own nominees for political advantage.

Posted by Nathan at June 23, 2002 10:28 AM


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