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August 01, 2002

Federalist Hypocrisy on Energy

Conservative hypocrisy on "states rights" should probably have its own category in the archives, but the ongoing battle by Bush's energy regulators to seize political control of the California power grid authority should rank high. As the San Diego Tribune details today, FERC is seeking to overturn the state law that barred power companies from participating in selecting the power grid board and instead put appointments in the hand of the California governor.

FERC is continuing the Enron-inspired drive for gutting state regulation and wants an "independent" board run in a more "corporate" manner with members elected by "stakeholders", including power sellers. Essentially, Bush's regulators want Enron's compatriots to be back in control, cutting the citizens of California out of the process.

The story of the market meltdown is not "corporate accounability"; it's the full-out assault on democracy that conservatives have promoted in the name of market fundamentalism.

Posted by Nathan at August 1, 2002 09:52 AM

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