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August 12, 2002

Labor Monday (8-12)

  • West coast longshore workers are protesting Bush administration threats to intervene in contract negotiations to prevent a strike, thereby lessening worker leverage. Bush similarly intervened in airline negotiations last year on behalf of management.
  • After his nice photop with the Pennsylvania miners trapped underground, Bush is back to form with his administration refusing to hold hearings to investigate the mining company's negligence in the accident. Said Bush's top mining regulator, reflecting the administration's real view on corporate crime and negligence, "I think everybody forgets our mission is to reduce injury and illness, not to write citations." More on miners union protests of Bush policy here.
  • British labor unions are expected to condemn any war with Iraq at their national conference next month, a sharpening of union friction with Tony Blair over his support for Bush's intervention.
  • Fueled by the economic crisis throughout latin america. unions across Uruguay staged a general strike in protest of government policies.
  • The State Department is seeking to protect Exxon from a human rights lawsuit filed against the company over its abuses in its Indonesian natural gas operations. This action by the government is part of the broader abandonment of human rights concerns in the wake of 911.
  • Farmworkers are mobilizing to pressure California's Gray Davis to sign legislation enacted to use binding arbitration to promote contracts with growers who have resisted negotiations with their workers, even when they vote to unionize.

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