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August 20, 2002

Tapped Asks Whos to Blame on McKinney?

Tapped notes my concern about the likely blacklash from a McKinney defeat at the hands of Jewish money, but asks "who's to blame?" and thinks blacks shouldn't blame a "nebulous Jewish conspiracy." With due respect, AIPAC is not a "nebulous" group. I generally think the "Jewish lobby" is overrated since without the Christian Right obsession with Israel, Sharon would not have the unwavering backing he gets. The history here is the decidely non-nebulous history of one marginal group, Jews, having historically had just enough power to use its economic position to disproportionately influence the even more marginal black society-- in the arts, in music, in politics -- in both positive and negative ways. There will be nothing conspiratorial in blacks resenting Jewish money diving into this race to knock off incumbent blacks. Just as Dems rightly blame Nader and the Greens for the result of their actions, blacks are perfectly justified in blaming a massive infusion of Jewish money for the results in these primaries.

Tapped makes the other observation "And why is it okay for Arab groups to pour money into McKinney's campaign but somehow sleazy for Jewish groups to pour money into Majette's?" First, no one thinks that Arabs somehow have a disproportionate influence on American politics, so the symmetry just isn't there. More importantly, no one thinks either Hilliard or McKinney were elected by their communities on the backs of Arab money originally. Interest groups supporting incumbents who later turn out to support their interests is nothing out of the ordinary. Extraordinary money coming in to knock off two incumbent in primary battles: that's the man bites dog story worthy of journalistic attention.

Posted by Nathan at August 20, 2002 06:02 PM

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