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September 10, 2002

Blacks and Jews Again

Okay, Off the Pine argues that since liberal Jews raise a lot of money for blacks, the fact that Jewish money was turned around to take out Hilliard and McKinney can't be seen as a problem for black-Jewish relationships. It is that very dependency-- Jews help elect blacks and then get to decide to take them out, which pisses many folks off. Gratitute for economic dependency should not be overestimated.

But then Just One Minute jumps the gun to argue from NRO that the fact that Jews are voting for local candidates and moderate Republican governors like Pataki and Weld that this promises a bright new future for the GOP among the Jews.

It's worth separating out a few things here-- Jewish votes, liberal Jewish fundraisers and general Jewish money (AIPAC). First, the liberal Jewish fundraisers aren't suddenly losing their ideology and while a few might defect over Israel, most of them will stay put. General Jewish voters may migrate a little to the GOP, but Dems are (unfortunately) not lining up in support of the Palestinian cause, so there is little reason for them to jump on national politics-- as opposed to supporting the occasional pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control local Republican. The interesting shift is in general Jewish money, such as that flowing to AIPAC. That is where the shift is occuring over Israel and is what hit Hilliard and McKinney. And what makes Jewish money interesting is that it is well coordinated on issues like Israel, in this case targetting the most vulnerable people possible, money-poor black Democrats. Such money is (against stereotype) not all powerful and not able to take out moderatly pro-Palestinian folks like John Dingell but can take out less powerful black Democrats. And it's that contrast that will be what pisses off blacks.

Posted by Nathan at September 10, 2002 10:57 AM

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