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September 21, 2002

For Those Not Named Bush

This LA Times piece on a new study by the Sentencing Project highlights once again the brutal racist effects of the war on drugs.

It documents that more than half of convicted drug offenders have NO history of violent crime or serious drug offenses-- and are of course poor and people of color. And in many states, these minor drug offenses lead not only to jail time but the loss of their right to vote -- a new Jim Crow system of racial disenfranchisement.

Luckily, the movement is towards reform, with California's initiative passed in 2000 giving the option of rehab not jail to even people whose parents aren't governors related to the President.

Posted by Nathan at September 21, 2002 08:08 AM

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Great. Now we get to pay for rehab....which has a 80-90% failure rate. So they go thru rehab, go get high again, and in short time are standing in front of the judge again.

Posted by: outback at September 23, 2002 09:18 AM

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