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September 26, 2002

The Torricelli Memo

Well, the memo from the US Attorney's Office detailing David Chang's claims against Torricelli-- from taking $25,000 in cash over the years to a range of gifts.

Torricelli is sleazy but this memo is kind of too much of a piece of crap to take seriously. As the memo itself details, the problem is not just that Chang is obviously singing like a bird to cut his own sentence and is an admitted criminal himself. No, the big problem is that he is a documented liar-- lying apparently to his own lawyer to keep him on the case, lying to the government, and in fact convicted of lying in not one but two separate civil legal proceedings.

And the fact is that the press has paid a lot of attention to these issues, while Forrester has pretty much coasted along, despite evidence that he may be taking millions of illegal dollars from his company to fund his campaign There is a massive hypocrisy to multi-millionaire candidates talking about the baleful influence of money in politics.

Posted by Nathan at September 26, 2002 11:37 PM

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