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October 05, 2002

How Can Absentees Get Disenfranchised?

The big emotional gambit of the GOP in the New Jersey race is to worry about military absentee ballots.

But there should be no worries really on them or any other absentee who fills out an old ballot and sends it in. If they get the new one in time and send it in, it just replaces the old one. And if they don't, the state can just process the old ballots with no problems. If someone votes for Forrester or the Greens or other minor parties, the votes can be registered. And if they vote for Torricelli, the vote will get disgarded, as it would in any case with the candidate withdrawn from the race.

There is no disenfranchisement involved even if we assume that none of the absentee or military voters ever get an updated ballot. The only candidate who can lose from military folks not getting their updated ballots on time is Lautenberg himself.

So the GOP should call off this bogus rhetoric.

Posted by Nathan at October 5, 2002 07:28 AM

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