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October 17, 2002

Ding, Dong..Homeland Security is Dead

At least for now.

The Department of Homeland Security was always a stupid idea -- from its creepy name to its ill-defined purpose. What sense does it make to consolidate security and intelligence agencies, yet leave the FBI and the CIA out of the department?

In the end, its only purpose seemed to be the one the Democrats resisted-- giving Bush the power to strip 170,000 federal workers of civil service and union protections. Like most of Bush's initiatives, the administration was using the rubric of war to promote an anti-worker agenda.

Give Daschle and the Dems a hip-hip hurray for hanging tough and refusing to cave to the patriot-baiting propaganda levelled against them. Even Joe Lieberman, despite his war-hawk rhetoric, refused to sell the federal workers out.

Dick Armey railed against the Democrats for the fact that Al Quaeda has reorganized itself and the US Senate has dragged on reorganizing the US labor structure. But as Senator Byrd said a few months ago, when did Al Quaeda become our model for labor relations? Al Quaeda obviously cares nothing about US workers-- they killed 3000 of them last Sept 11. Too bad Dick Armey has only slightly less contempt for their rights.

Posted by Nathan at October 17, 2002 04:38 PM

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