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October 28, 2002

Labor Monday- Special Wellstone Edition

A Man for the Workers- Paul Wellstone

  • Wellstone was dedicated to rewriting labor laws to strengthen the ability of unions to organize. Some details in this briefing from a union website.
  • 1998 Senate Floor Statement on Autoworker's Strike in Flint, MI, both then and at the birth of the UAW in 1936.
  • Wellstone on the terrorism against union leaders in the state of Columbia.
  • Wellstone bitterly condemned Bush's repeal of corporate responsibility rules for government contractors.
  • Wellstone (with Jesse Helms!) fought and won a battle to condition trade on ending abuses of child labor.
  • On the "New Isolationists" and the need for group action for social justice.
  • And so much more...

    Background on Lula and Brazil's labor movement

  • A good article from the Progressive

    More as the day goes on.

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