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November 11, 2002

Labor Monday (11-11)

  • The AFL-CIO condemned both parties for failing to present clear plans to restore the economy. 72% of union members voted for Democrats last Tuesday.
  • This New York Sun article details the turnout operation for the major GOP endorsee of unions, NY's Pataki, and why the various unions were supporting him.
  • With unemployment rising, the AFL-CIO is demanding a series of labor measures to extend unemployment insurance, assist states with recession-related costs, and extend health care.

  • The New York City Council pushed through a modest living wage law to require that workers on contract to the city receive at least $8.10 per hour with benefits.
  • Yale President Richard Levin faced union protests at alumni receptions in three midwestern cities. Yale officials are being targetted for violating free speech rights of union members who distributed pro-union leaflets.
  • United Food and Commercial Workers are planning nationwide protests on Nov. 21 at Wal-Mart discount stores and Sam's Club warehouse stores in all 50 states.
  • The United Mine Workers are condemning a preliminary state report on what caused the Quecreek Mine accident in July as "woefully inadquate"
  • Part-time faculty at universities across the country are organizing as schools replace permanent tenure positions with adjunct teachers.
  • In the Bay Area, the new United Child Care Union (AFSCME), already representing 900 child care workers in the East, has begun organizing in the Bay Area.

  • A national strike by South Korean workers forced the government to back off labor law reform opposed by the major unions.
  • A German union head is predicting a "winter of discontent" over heath service cuts and public sector pay.
  • The Chinese government now admits that at least 14 million workers are unemployed, with possibly 100 million more migrant workers streaming into cities with little social support.

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