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February 20, 2003

Bookseller Purges to Defy Patriot Act

Ignorance is freedom.

Well, that seems to be the reality under the Patriot Act, where knowing what your customers read means that so will the government.

So a Vermont bookseller has begun destroying customer records on request:

"When the CIA comes and asks what you've read because they're suspicious of you, we can't tell them because we don't have it," store co-owner Michael Katzenberg said. "That's just a basic right, to be able to read what you want without fear that somebody is looking over your shoulder to see what you're reading."
I nominate Mr. Katzenberg for a Homeland Security Freedom Award.

On the other hand, EBay apparently is rushing to turn over customer info to the Feds without even a court order. And EBay has a lot of information on its customers:

eBay has recorded and documented every iota of data that has come through the Web site since it first went online in 1995. Every time someone makes a bid, sells an item, writes about someone else, even when the company cancels a sale for whatever reason - it documents all of the pertinent information.

Posted by Nathan at February 20, 2003 10:58 PM

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