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February 22, 2003

114 Countries Condemn War

Maybe Bulgaria's support isn't so impressive?

From The Australian

114 countries urge Iraqi backdown
February 23, 2003

IN a show of support for Iraq coupled with appeals for Saddam Hussein to disarm, foreign ministers for more than half the world have urged Baghdad to comply with UN resolutions while adding their voice to the millions of people who oppose war.

A declaration prepared for a Non-Aligned Movement summit also said that if Iraq continued to cooperate with UN inspectors in eliminating weapons of mass destruction, the debilitating sanctions imposed on Baghdad after the 1991 Gulf War should finally be lifted.

Although the draft declaration endorsed today by foreign ministers addressed US concerns by stressing that Baghdad must comply with Security Council resolution 1441 - which demands that Iraq disarm - its overall tone left no doubt that the Non-Aligned Movement does not want to see a military attack.

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