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March 12, 2003

Saddamism by Design

And interesting article from The UK Guardian on the original British folks who drew the borders of Iraq after WWI.

As the article notes, Iraq was deliberately designed as an internally warring mess of repressed groups where an authoritarian state would be the dominant system:

Bell and her superior as British high commissioner, Sir Percy Cox, laid down policies of state in Iraq that were taken up by Saddam's Arab Ba'ath socialist party. Those policies were to retain, if necessary by violence, the Kurdish mountains as a buffer against Turkey and Russia; to promote Sunni Muslims and other minorities over the Shia majority; to repress the Shia clergy in Najaf, Kerbela and Kazimain, or expel them to Iran; to buy off the big landowners and tribal elders.
So the US and Britain design artificial borders with the intent of an authoritarian dictator to rule it, then use that dictatorial rule to justify violating international law.

Yep, it's just them ignorant backwards peoples in the third world causing all these problems. Colonialism and imperialism has been a great racket for the West.

Posted by Nathan at March 12, 2003 07:03 AM

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