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March 24, 2003

Conservative Crackup on Iraq?

The fissures have been there, but the "endless enemies" gunsights of the Bush conservatives are now turned on dissident rightwingers who have dared to question any aspect of the Iraq policy. Howard Kurtz has this Washington Post report on intermural conservative fragging over the war:

David Frum, a National Review writer who left the White House last year, lobs the latest grenade in the magazine, saying that those he calls paleoconservatives "deny and excuse terror" and "espouse a potentially self-fulfilling defeatism. . . . They began by hating the neoconservatives. They came to hate their party and this president. They have finished by hating their country."
Columnist Robert Novak was one of the conservatives named and has written this piece denouncing Frum.

The Wall Street Journal news report, as always at odds with the editorial page, detailing the lack of cheers for "invading U.S. and British forces" (note the word "invading" never used by other conservatives) is more evidence of this quiet dissent on the war from some starboard political quarters. (Thanks to Bill Kirschbaum for the alert)

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