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March 26, 2003

Dick Morris Promotes War Crimes

Well Dick Morris is at least willing to state his evil plainly- terror bomb civilian targets to root out enemy soldiers:

The answer must be to unleash our military from its current restrictions and permit bombardment of whichever buildings shelter the enemy. Americans will understand that there will be civilian deaths, but they would vastly prefer those to unnecessary American military casualties.
Here is the leading edge of desperation among conservatives as the realization that bloody street fighting in Baghdad id coming. This is the definition of terror and war crimes-- trading off civilian deaths to save ones own soldiers.

We will see if other conservatives fall into line in tossing their "liberation" strategy premised on uprisings by sympathetic Iraqis, and convert this war into straight-up murderous conquest.

Posted by Nathan at March 26, 2003 08:49 AM

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