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May 19, 2003

Sharon Rewards Terrorist Bombers

When suicide bombers launched multiple attacks on civilians over the weekend, their goal was to derail the "Roadmap" negotiations on peace in Israel and Palestine. This has been the pattern repeatedly over the years-- every move towards peace is met by terrorism by extreme Palestinians and military violence against Palestinian civilians by the Israeli Right-- both aims being to derail peace by embittering the opposition population.

Sharon has given the Palestinian terrorists their wish and pulled back from negotiations.

Which of course means that Israelis are put in more danger in the future, since Sharon is demonstrating that the more Israelis killed, the more the terrorists win. Kill Israelis, terrorists win.

The incentives are clear. Sharon and Hamas are just linked in a bloody alliance of death and war. And Sharon is helping to murder his own Jewish population, just as the suicide bombers help guarantee more Israeli murder of civilians in the West Bank and Gaza. If they were both turning their guns on their own communities, they couldn't be doing more to kill their fellow nationals.

Posted by Nathan at May 19, 2003 10:07 AM