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July 01, 2003

Anti-Freedom Views of the Right

Today, victims of police violence during the nonviolent antiwar march on February 15, filed suit in federal court against the New York police. Details in this article and a bit more here in the context of the upcoming GOP convention.

But I found these posts over at FreeRepublic.com notable for their extrme authoritarianism-- the idea being anyone who dared to protect the war deserved to be beaten by the police:

"Ahhhh... for a whiff of the grape. The proper technique for a mob."

"If they have the nerve to protest the war in NYC after what happened on Sept. 11th then they have to suffer the consequences!"

"Next time, the cops should back their horses into the crowd and plant some apples on their fugly faces."

With the rightwing now lapping up Ann Coulter's book-length ode to McCarthyism, it's clear that the libertarian strain in modern conservatism is completely being eclipsed by the Ashcroft-style authoritarians.

Posted by Nathan at July 1, 2003 04:16 PM