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July 10, 2003

90 Congressmen Demand Cintas Agree to Card Check

The fight by the union UNITE to organize the Cintas uniform company is one of the highest-profile union organizing drives in the company.

Facing a union-busting company (see this solidarity page), the union has now gained support from ninety members of Congress:

Ninety members of Congress signed a letter sent to Cintas Corporation CEO Robert Kohlhepp urging the company to enter into a card-check neutrality agreement after hearing numerous reports about how Cintas management has responded to employees%u2019 efforts to organize a union. As stated in the letter, %u201CWorkers report that Cintas has mounted an extensive campaign aimed at dissuading employees from supporting the union through retaliatory firings, harassment, surveillance, it is our belief that employees cannot freely exercise their right to join a union in an environment where employers are coercing or trying to sway employee opinion.
This is critical support and the House members deserve praise for stepping up and supporting the Cintas workers. And other elected officials should be pressured to join them.

Posted by Nathan at July 10, 2003 10:21 AM