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August 07, 2003

Good That Bustamante is In

Bustamante is in the race, and other Democrats should stay out. He was elected to replace Davis in case of a vacancy in the office, and whether the courts put him there or the voters do, it's the right outcome if this crazy recall moves forward. As Bustamante said in his campaign launch:

"I'm here to tell everyone to vote no on the recall and yes on Bustamante," he said. "It is important that a serious Democrat is on the ballot."
I was kind of hoping for a mixture of rightwing candidates, Riordan and Arianna, but with Issa bowing out, the Republican establishment could end up really consolidating behind Arnold. He's too much of an unknown to trust the lives of Californians to in a crapshoot. So go Bustamante!

Update: In comments, Steve Rubio asks:

Now I'm asking for the Dellumses of today to explain to me why Arianna's a bad idea. Anyone?
Honestly, I was really hoping that Riordan would be the "serious" GOP candidate, since with a couple of conservatives, Riordan, and Arianna in the race, I would have been rooting for Arianna. If Riordan got elected as a result, it wouldn't be the end of the world. In fact, a responsible guy like Riordan might have better luck pushing fellow GOPers to approve tax increases needed than Davis.

But the alternative is not Riordan-- it's Schwartzenegger, an unknown quantity who could be a real rightwinger on a lot of economic issues (hell, given his liberal social views, he almost has to be given the conservative support he's been able to attract). And now a decent Democrat like Bustamante is running against him. Arianna was a fun idea, but she was also Newt Gingrich's best buddy just a couple of years ago-- who knows what political fad may grab her next year?

And Bustamante-- he's no leftwinger but he has solid accomplishments. Just a few links:

  • List of recently sponsored legislation
  • A good bio and views from state employees union endorsement
  • Sierra Club endorsement of Bustamante (down page)
  • Bustamante fighting on behalf of exploited bracero workers
  • Bustamante supporting striking UC clerical workers
  • Bustamante pushed through law banning application fees for jobs
  • Bustamante Named "Coastal Hero"
  • Bustamante supporting Environmental Justice

    I just can't seriously trade off someone whose spent his life representing working families for a woman who only discovered a couple of years ago that people like Newt Gingrich were the enemies of poor people.

    Posted by Nathan at August 7, 2003 05:03 PM