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August 14, 2003

Attack by Right on Union Neutrality Agreements

The corporate-funded National Right to Work Foundation (often called the Right to Work for Less Foundation by labor activists) is suing to block use of card-check agreements by unions.

Card check agreements by companies mean that they agree to recognize a union if more than 50% of their workers sign cards (usually counted by an independent third party) asking for recognition. This allows for quicker resolution and prevents companies from delaying the process through endless appeals as with elections supervised by the National Labor Relations Board. Companies signing such agreements also usually agree not to engage in the harassment, "captive audience" meetings haranging employees, or other methods used by union-busting consultants to intimidate workers.

The labor election process has become a nightmare, where despite the fact that 50% of American workers say they would like to be in a union, only about 10% are in one. (See this post). So pressuring companies to sign card check agreements have been the major bright spots in making union gains for workers.

This makes this lawsuit a potentially big deal-- if the rightwing corporate folks win on this one, it will be possibly the largest setbacks for labor in decades.

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