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September 01, 2003

Labor Day Monday

A roundup of labor stories and opinion pieces from around the country and the world.

State of the Unions (and the Economy)

  • Labor federation leader John Sweeney lashes Bush's labor record
  • AFL-CIO: US Workers face Worst Job Slump since the Great Depression
  • Inequality and Corporate Power - a Multinational Monitor asessement.
  • Weisbrot: Labor Day 2003: Nothing to Celebrate
  • Union movement key for creating decent quality of life in Canada- comparing experiences with our neighbor to the North. More on Canada.
  • Gallup Poll shows broad public support for unions
  • Labor Day by the Numbers- a Harpers Index style assessment.
  • Take the Working Class History Test courtesy of the Monkey Media Report
  • Labor decline reverses in California- union density was 17.8 percent of the workforce in 2002, up from 16.4 percent in 2001

    Organizing Campaigns

  • LaborNotes makes a critical assessment of the United Auto Workers "bargaining to organize" strategy among auto parts suppliers.
  • Winning is Possible- researchers Kate Bronfenbrenner and Robert Hickey argue that unions win with a comprehensive approach to organizing.
  • AFL-CIO launches Working America - a new affliate for workers not currently in unions to join the labor movement.
  • Top priority Cintas laundry workers campaign focus of labor movement.
  • 1967 alumni and HERE President leads strike at Yale University
  • Unions target immigrants in new organizing drives
  • Organize or Die- profile in the American Prospect of how union leaders in SEIU, HERE and UNITE are spearheading a new commitment to organizing in the labor movement.
  • On 100th anniversary, Teamsters go all-out to sign up members.

    Labor-related Political Campaigns

  • Decisions, Decisions- labor ponders its endorsement strategy for the 2004 Presidential race.
  • Florida Initiative campaign to raise the minimum wage.
  • Unions to Push to Make Organizing Easier - AFL-CIO launches new political effort to pass labor law reform, including card check certification of unions.
  • Unions are planning a massive effort to turn out the vote in 2004 election.
  • Buses will start rolling across the country in late September for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride calling for amnesty and protection of immigrant labor rights.
  • UNITE President Bruce Raynor says Protect Workers Rights at Pillowtek and other industries across the country.

    International Labor News

  • International Confederation of Free Trade Unions condemns the World Trade Organization for ignoring global labor abuses.
  • In Iraq, Labor Protest Is A Crime - how the US Occupation is suppressing labor protest on behalf of its contractors profits.
  • Threats and murders continue against Columbian trade union leaders.
  • GAP workers shot in Cambodian labor protest
  • New united confederation of labor unions forms in Nicaragua to fight labor abuses and the FTAA
  • Militant labor leader elected to head Germany's largest union.

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