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September 09, 2003

SEIU: Remaking 2004 Election

An associate tells me all the candidates speaking at the SEIU political Convention were incredibly impressive, but the most impressive fact is that 1500 SEIU activists will be leaving the convention raring to organize the 1.5 million SEIU members and beyond.

And the organization will be committing resources on an unprecedented level to assist them:

SEIU President Andrew Stern said the union has committed 2,004 members to work full time on politics for the nine months leading up to the November 2004 election, and plans to have 50,000 members volunteer to make phone calls and campaign door to door.
Those members on paid leave will work a total of 165,000 combined days and help organize other SEIU members to knock on 10 million doors in an effort to get out the vote, make 7 million phone calls in the three months prior to the election, and distribute 6 million flyers to their colleagues at worksites.

Bush may lie through his teeth until election day, but the alternative sneaker-media will be countering those lies out of union halls across the country.

Posted by Nathan at September 9, 2003 09:55 AM