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September 15, 2003

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Immigrant workers...

They can't vote, they have no labor rights, they can be detained without trial or charge-- they are a symbol of a globalized economy uprooting millions of people with no hope only to face oppression on a daily basis.

And their oppression, their fears, their exploitation all help employers lower wages by keeping a pool of workers around who can't complain for fear of the INS being brought in if they dare call the Department of Labor, EEOC or advocate for a union.

Well, starting this Saturday, buses will roll across the country in evoking the Freedom Rides of the 1960s, declaring that a new movement for civil and labor rights for immigrants has been born.

Go to the main site of The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride which explains the goals of the campaign, including legalization, citizenship, reunification of families, protection of their civil liberties, and a voice on the job.

I'm going to be blogging all week on why everyone has a stake in this movement to end the underground status of immigrants and create equal rights for all in our society.

BTW Dean just endorsed the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride-- another reason he's basically gotten my vote. Where are the rest of the candidates?

Update: Checking out endorsements for the IWFR, along with Dean, Congressman Kucinich has endorsed the rides, although none of the other Presidential candidates have so far. This is especially surprising in the case of Gephardt, who has championed pro-immigrant legislation legislation. All I can say is that the candidates should Get on the Bus before Saturday.

Posted by Nathan at September 15, 2003 06:37 PM