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September 25, 2003

Arnie- Son of Pete Wilson?

When Pete Wilson ran for reelection in 1994, he tied his reelection to appealing to racism against latinos with his Prop 187 initiative to deny schooling and aid to the children of the undocumented.

The Sac Bee's Dan Weintraub wonders if Arnie's bashing Indian tribes is out of Pete Wilson's playbook:

But there is that pattern, and in fact it goes back further than my friend suggests. In 1990 Wilson surprised the political world by endorsing term limits, which were in part code for terminating Willie Brown, then the flamboyant, black speaker of the California Assembly. In 1992, in the mid-term elections, the Wilson operation ran against welfare mothers with a ballot measure that would have slashed their benefits.
The most disturbing thing about Arnie is his links to Pete Wilson-- one of the most disgusting politicians who has ever crawled the face of the earth.

Posted by Nathan at September 25, 2003 09:48 PM