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October 15, 2003

Why Davis Lost- More Screwing the Base

Now, Davis has really pissed me off. He vetoed the state living wage law to prevent sweatshop-wage companies from getting state contracts-- an issue near and dear to my heart.

Dan Walters at the Sacramento Bee pretty much sums up why Davis's vetoes explain his electoral loss; he was seen as dirty politician who could never be depended upon:

Davis came to be seen -- with ample reason -- as someone who was interested only in the matter of the moment, viewing it through a purely political prism and lacking any consistency or broader vision.
Along with the living wage, Davis vetoed a number of other key labor rights bills:
  • A bill sought by the California Association of Professional Scientists to improve the group's bargaining position in future state contracts.
  • A measure boosting penalties on employers who drag their feet on paying wages.
  • A bill to ban employers from requiring arbitration on disputes with workers.

    And Davis screwed state firefighters on an important collective bargaining law for them, despite their ardent support for him over the years.

    Davis's last acts have been pissing on those who helped elect him

    May he rot in the political grave to which he has now been consigned.

    Update: Read this Marc Cooper column on why the Democrat base was too revolted by Davis to keep him in office-- a pragmatic mistake but one I understand given Davis's sleaziness.

    Posted by Nathan at October 15, 2003 12:18 AM