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November 26, 2003

Tax Cut for Car Owners/War on Poor-Disabled

If you own a car, Arnie's your friend with his car tax cut.

If you are too poor or too disabled to have a car, Arnie has said hasta la vista in his radically abusive proposal for spending cuts.

  • $385 million by cutting cleaning, transportation and other in-home services that the state provides to the elderly, blind and disabled to help keep them out of nursing homes. Advocates for the poor say it would result in 74,200 people losing their care.
  • $77 million would be cut from programs like Healthy Families, which provides health care for children of the working poor.
  • Schwarzenegger's proposal would save $282 million by eliminating music, art, camping and other nonmedical therapy programs for the roughly 626,000 Californians who have mental or physical impairments.

    Let's be clear-- Arnie would rather have the disabled be left to shit in their beds with no help, rather than raise any taxes. And this will throw out of work the tens of thousands of health aides who perform these services-- a double assault on the poor who are both the providers and consumers of these services.

    End of initial evaluation-- Arnold is scum. Period.

    Posted by Nathan at November 26, 2003 01:31 PM