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November 29, 2003

Matt Y Admits he Was Wrong

Matthew Yglesias has decided that Thanksgiving is a time of atonement, since he has decided that he needs to apologize for being wrong in supporting the war. Just to clarify, in a further posts, he wants to say that not only was he wrong, the antiwar folks were right in opposing the war because they hated Bush-- because Bush's lack of character meant he was leading "a bunch of dishonest, immoral, hacks" who were inevitably going to botch the job.

Thanks Matt! Apology accepted.

I always thought Saddam was an evil bastard who the world would be better off without-- and was with the antiwar camp that had noted the US's support for him throughout the 80s and the continual sellout of the Kurds by the US.

I just never believed Bush was someone to reverse that disgusting history of selling out the interests of the Iraqi people in favor of US interests.

I supported the Kosovo intervention because I believed that Clinton's motives were largely about stopping genocide. While the results were not perfect in every way, they still on balance were an improvement because the motives and skills in execution were real.

Not so Bush, who has neither the competency nor the real priority of helping the Iraqi people. His goals are to flat out strengthen US power through global intimidiation, control Iraq's oil, enrich his corporate contractor buddies with a decent life for the Iraqi people a very low priority on his list.

Fellow, repentant liberal warhawk Kevin Drum echoes Matt's bemusement at the Bush administration's theology-driven incompetence.

Posted by Nathan at November 29, 2003 10:03 AM