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November 30, 2003

More Rightwing Disaffection

Reacting to a Fred Barnes article- Hey, Big Spenders! criticizing GOP spending, Freepers are actually talking about the advantages of voting Democrat or third party. They'll all mostly end up voting Bush in the end, but it reflects how disaffected many in the base are with GOP corporate welfare-- and will translate to less mobilization at the grassroots.

Of course, the conservatives equate government spending with "liberalism", as if big fat subsidies for agribusiness, pharmaceutical or oil companies has anything to do with progressive values. They just don't want to admit that their corporate allies have rolled them with a bait-and-switch. All the "small government" rhetoric was just campaign rhetoric to pull the rubes in to the tent.

But read a few Freeper comments to warm liberal hearts:

WANT TO CURB federal spending? Replace President Bush with a Democrat. This is not entirely a joke.
Sadly, I have recently begun contemplating voting to do just this.
The White House is feeling the pain of small government conservatives.

Oh sure, there must be three or four of us left. One of the things that Bush has done that's made me really angry was how he portrayed a 4% increase in discretionary spending as some kind of austerity program for the government.
I don't think Bush realizes just how many of us are angry and voting Third Party. It's JOBS, borders, spending, expanding government, etc. Wake up, GW before it's too late.
I won't vote for him. I hate Big Stupid Republican Government.
Look for him to get worse in a second
term when he really feels no need to do anything
to appease conservatives.

He'll really give us the finger then.
I am actually considering voting for Dean, assuming he becomes the Rat nominee. There is something to be said for gridlock.
I'm not buying the "lesser of two evils" argument. I'm voting my conscience from now on. I'm going Constitutionalist or libertarian this time around.
I celebrated when Bush got elected, and celebrated even more when republicans took control of both houses...its been one disappointment after another since then and I won't be voting for Bush in 2004. Republicans work better as a minority party when they do nothing but block what the democrats try to do...at least then they pretend to care about defecits, debt and huge out of control spending...

Let return the republicans to a minority party and do everyone a favor.
I don't see voting for the dem, but I'll not waste my vote on Bush again.(unless Hillary is the opponent.)

Enjoy the meltdown.

Posted by Nathan at November 30, 2003 09:38 AM