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December 02, 2003

Selling Out

Hi all-- On the left column, you'll see a new box, labelled "BlogAds", the increasingly popular system selling ads on progressive blogs. I'm partly doing it out of curiosity to see how it all works, but defraying server costs and such has an attraction.

If folks really find the ads annoying, I'll pull them down. Maybe putting one of those PayPal begging cups up might be just as good, but heck, if someone else thinks my readers are so valuable, they're willing to pay to reach you, why not let them pay the bills.

Apparently, John Kerry will be buying adspace as of tomorrow, but as with any advertising, appearance on this site does not mean endorsement. However, it does mean tolerant good feelings, since I won't allow advertising for anything I dislike. And I like Kerry, even if he hasn't run the campaign he needed to in order to get the nomination.

But any thoughts and reactions on this commercial sell-out are welcome.

Posted by Nathan at December 2, 2003 05:44 PM