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December 22, 2003

An Antiwar Pickup in House?

Support Ro Khanna, an antiwar challenger in the Democratic primary against pro-war Congressman Tom Lantos (CA).

In San Francisco, one of the most antiwar bastions in the country, it's hard to believe that one of its Congressmen, Tom Lantos, voted for Bush's Iraq war. But Lantos is getting serious Democratic opposition in the form of Ro Khanna's candidacy. (See his web site here.)

Ro Khanna meeting with Dean

Ro has gotten the endorsement of the major statewide progressive Democratic organization:

The California Democratic Council (CDC), a coalition of grassroots Democratic clubs across California, announced today that it has endorsed Ro Khanna for the Democratic primary in the 12th Congressional District. Although the CDC has endorsed the incumbent, Tom Lantos, in past elections, its members decided that the time had come to make a change.

Khanna spoke to the CDC endorsement meeting on Sunday, describing his vision for the 12th District and the nation. I want to know why were spending $87 billion in Iraq and yet we cannot afford to send every child in America to college, Khanna stated. I want to know why Tom Lantos supported Bushs unilateral war in Iraq.

You can contribute to his campaign here.

Full disclosure: Ro is a good friend of mine from law school, but that just means I can personally attest to his intelligence and commitment. He's more moderate than me on many issues, but his labor positions are right on and he'll be a real voice for the "democratic wing of the democratic party."

Ro is dedicated as an Indian-American to doing not just local outreach but national outreach to the Indian community -- a plus for progressive politics in the US but also for building a broad coalition for civil liberties at home and human rights abroad given the likely pivotal role of South Asia in coming years.

Posted by Nathan at December 22, 2003 08:47 AM