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January 12, 2004

Mexican Opposition Denounces Bush-Fox Immigration Plan

It's hardly surprising that businessman Vincente Fox and businessman George Bush love the idea of giving US business an indentured servant class in the name of "immigration reform." But other Mexican politicians aren't buying this cynical plan. With politicians like Senate Majority Leader framing its advantages as one of greater surveillence of vulnerable low-wage workers--"documentation is important for security" was Frist's phrasing, it's hardly surprising to see a strong reaction from south of the border.

Frist's comments framing the plan in security terms led the Democratic Revolutionary Party, or PRD, one of the three main political parties in Mexico, to issue a statement denouncing the Bush proposal as "a distraction to mask the hegemonic interests of the ultraconservative group installed in the White House." The statement said that for Fox, the plan was a "new cosmetic victory designed to make Mexicans forget his long list of unfulfilled promises."
The traditional party-hack dominated PRI was more measured in their response, knowing a cynical electoral move from long experience:
Roberto Madrazo, leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, offered a tepid response: "We hope that this effort that has been proposed corresponds to reality and is not simply an electoral strategy."
It's worth stressing again and again that Bush's plan has NO pathway to citizenship, just a revolving door of exploited labor for American businesses, workers who will deparately have to take jobs or face deportation at every turn to keep qualifying for the system proposed.

This is not even close to reform. It's a a bait-and-switch game that may well leave most immigrant workers worse off.

Posted by Nathan at January 12, 2004 07:04 PM